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When protecting the information system from the threat of failure of functioning, it is usually assumed that the reliability of hardware components is sufficiently high with a virtual data room.

Data Room Protection Against the Threat of Violation of Information at the Content Level

Protection against the threat of violation of the integrity of information at the content level is generally regarded as protection against disinformation. Let the attacker not have the ability to influence the individual components of the system that are within the controlled area, but if the sources of information entering it are outside the system, there is always the possibility to take them under control. With deliberate disinformation, both deliberate lies and half-truths are used, which create a distorted view of events.

The most common misinformation tricks that will protect you from are:

  • Direct concealment of facts;
  • Biased selection of data;
  • Violation of logical and temporary connections between events;
  • Presenting the truth in such a context (by adding a false fact or hint) so that it is perceived as a lie;
  • Presentation of the most important data against a bright background of distracting information;
  • Mixing of dissimilar opinions and facts;
  • Presentation of data in words that can be interpreted in different ways;
  • Failure to mention key details of the fact.

The organization of ensuring the security of information data room services is based on the same principles of protection and involves the constant modernization of protective functions since this area is constantly developing and improving. It would seem that recently created new protective systems become vulnerable and ineffective over time, the likelihood of their being hacked increases every year.

Make the Decision Easier with the Correct Virtual Data Room Services

In virtual data room systems, it is necessary to provide for the presence of subsystems that conduct primary semantic analysis and, to a certain extent, control the work of the operator. The presence of such subsystems allows you to protect information not only from accidental but also from deliberate errors.

In the process of collecting and obtaining information, distortions can occur. The main reasons for distortion of information:

  1. Transmission of only part of the message;
  2. Interpretation of what was heard in accordance with their knowledge and ideas;
  3. Skipping the texture through the prism of subjective-personal relations.

Since one of the main tasks of a deal room is the timely provision of system users with the necessary information (information, data, control actions, etc.), the threat of denial of access to information can still be considered as a threat of denial of service or a threat of failure of functioning. The threat of failure of the functioning of the information system can be caused by:

  • Purposeful actions of intruders;
  • Bugs in software;
  • Equipment failure.

Reliability of the virtual data room is the property of an object to retain over time the values of all parameters characterizing the ability to perform the required functions in the specified modes and conditions of use, maintenance, repair, storage, and transportation. To assess the reliability of the functioning of an information system, it is not important whether the failures are caused by the actions of an intruder or are associated with development errors, it is important how and to what extent they will be parried. Usually, this form of security service is inherent in large financial companies with a stable economic situation. These are investment funds, commercial banks, financial and industrial groups.

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