The intention to try stock trading is common to the majority of people who desire to multiply capital. While the large reputable corporations that list on the big stock exchanges have a high price per share, there’re still short term investment options for affordable extremely low price – penny stock companies.

What Is the Penny Stock Investing?

Companies that for some reason cannot comply with big state exchanges’ requirements seek funding via over-the-counter markets. The reasons can be different and come down either to the small experience of the company at the market and unproven reputation and business continuity concerns or to recent failures that happened to previously reputable companies. 

Anyway, one of the distinguishing traits of this kind of short-term investment is a risk. Nevertheless, they are still attractive for investors as offer a number of benefits and privileges, which cannot be offered by traditional stock trading. The answer to the initial question about what is meant under the penny stocks investing is trading shares belonged to low-valued companies at over-the-counter markets.  

Advantages of Penny Stocks Investing

Most short term investment options proposed at over-the-counter-markets are under one dollar price, hence the companies who require attraction of the short-term investment are usually considered as a penny stock. Such specific brings the following major benefits:

Quick results. Financing small fast-growing companies bring the same fast results and allow to multiply funded money in a short period. The main goal is to find a company with huge potential. The more companies with such potential will be found, the more results in the nearest future will be achieved.

Low entry threshold. As was previously mentioned penny stock investment sites don’t require huge capital to start trading, as the proposed value per share rarely exceeds 1 dollar. In case of a successful outcome, the amount returned can be significant. In case of failure, the lost amount is rarely huge.

Low investments allow increasing capital significantly. The risk related to small companies with a dubious reputation is medium or above, which explains the small prices required for funding. However, in the case of thorough analysis and financing of the perspective entity, the profits are as high as related risks.

Simple Rules to Remember about Penny Stocks Investing

The attractive benefits to getting rich with the help of penny stock investment sites shouldn’t be the reason to disregard simple trading rules. Following the next advice can save from losses and disappointments:

Define the funding limit. It should be the amount, which can be lost without regrets. 

Make the deep research before any actions are taken. Do not fund in the entities with no track-record, with no relevant information, and with no sufficient arguments to do this.

Find the guide and support. It can be an analyst or a person with deep knowledge of the volatile markets specifics and low-valued enterprises. It is much more secure to act with the expert’s consultancy.

The lottery does not work. Impressing promises of new companies, which do not require any pre-work or arguments to invest in should be a red flag. You can only achieve goals with hard work and deep analysis.

How to Trade

When it comes to access to over-the-counter markets the penny stock investment tool is a must-have. There’re many providers or brokers, which offer different advantages and technical options, but the major steps are similar. First of all, the investor should open the account, accept the conditions, and learn how things there work. 

Provider selection should be based on the following factors:

Database coverage – whether the provider has a sufficient number of entities to fund and whether they all are from different spheres. Does the option of portfolio diversification exist?

Reputation – whether provider allows withdrawing earning with no limitations?

Commission – how does the provider earn? Whether the subscription required, or the commission is withdrawn from each successful deal, or the commission is taken from the total amount before withdrawal? How big are those amounts? 

Whether the penny stock investment tool is convenient for trading? Does it allow monitoring, quick managing, sorting of proposals, etc.?

Based on the mix of the abovementioned conditions the partner for trading can be selected.

Examples of Brokers

The search for a reliable penny stock investment tool can be exhausting. When the purpose is secure and successful operations, the following examples might be helpful.


The provider with a wide range of funding options with an affordable commission (up to 1% of the deal amount). Among other advantages are artificial intelligent assistance and continuous data update. 

Charles Schwab

The broker offers convenient analytical tools, including dashboards, a section with relevant news, and visualization graphs. The valuable benefit comes from zero commissions for stock trading.

Fidelity Investments 

Fidelity Investments takes zero commission for funding in U.S. companies, offers a mobile app, necessary for investing analytics. It has millions of users across the world, which is the best evidence for the reliability and sustainability of services provided.


Perfect trading tools with zero commission is about TradeStation. The commission is claimed only then the volume trade exceeds 10 thsd. stocks and is very low (0.1 cents). Many convenient charts, news feeds, and customized services make this broker the favorite among investors.


Trading with Ameritrade costs near $7 per penny stock deal. The number of its users agree to such a relatively high commission because of the variety of analytical tools provided by the broker.


Short-term investment to the small unknown companies can be extremely beneficial to those, who are ready for hard work and deep researches. Having low entry limits, this type of funding still requires a substantial approach, attention, and analytical skills. This is a definitely good option for small capital to be multiplied.